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Injury Report: What Am I Supposed To Do?

Injured my calf in January and now find myself with the injury coming and going having to sit for an extended period of time.  Off the bike as it seems to tighten the calf and then it injures itself running.  After all these years of doing both, it seems odd that I finally am bitten with this sort of injury.  I haven’t changed my routine that much, and therein lies my problem.  But I can’t afford a coach and I don’t have a current running partner in Portland to lean on, so I am simply going to rest it, no running or biking for a week, and then ease back in.

Where does this leave me for the big Mother’s Day half marathon competition?  Reading Andrew Gertig’s article How to Hack a Marathon If You Aren’t a Runner for inspiration that no matter what training level I ultimately have, I will finish and survive it.  Blasting through the run in a top 10 age group time is out of the question now.