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  • 10,000 Steps A Day

    I like the idea of the 10,000 Steps A Day program, I was just wondering how I can track it easily. I thought I would check Google Fit to see if it could help AND it was all there!  From my phones.  I had a lot of smaller activities that I shrank, but yesterday I…

  • 5 Min Plank Workout

    It’s time to Improve my core definition and performance Decrease my risk of injury in the back and spinal column Experience an increased boost to my overall metabolism Significantly improve your posture Improve overall balance Become more flexible than ever before Reap mental benefits

  • Run to Stay Young

    via NYTimes Running may reverse aging in certain ways while walking does not, a noteworthy new study of active older people finds. The findings raise interesting questions about whether most of us need to pick up the pace of our workouts in order to gain the greatest benefit. Walking is excellent exercise. No one disputes…

  • 8 Fascinating Facts about Bicycling and Walking in the US



    This post appears to have originated from the Alliance for Biking and Walking: Last month was the launch of the brand new 2014 Alliance Benchmarking Report, a massive report filled with data and research on walking and bicycling in all 50 states, 52 of the most populous cities, and 17 midsized cities. The Alliance produces…

  • Tribesports: Hack Your Fitness

    See Tribesports.com for an interesting take on clothes and a community for fitness.  Enjoy the infographic below and get out and be fit, be fast, be fearless.  By removing middlemen to sell only online, and celebrating real sports people like you rather than paying pro athletes to wear our sportswear, we pass on up to…

  • Health Benefits of Biking to Work

    Next month is BIKE COMMUTE CHALLENGE month. Read the Infographic to see why you should! Pass it on!  

  • The Complete Guide To Interval Training

    From Daily Infographics. Interval training…There is no better way to see results than using this method. You’ll scorch fat in less the time, and it’ll leave you gasping for air and looking great! Interval training is a type of exercise that involves high- to – low intensity workouts. While interval training is a fantastic way…