How to Eat Optimally For Cycling as You Grow Older

There was a recent article in CyclingWeekly (UK) that outline a few essential points on aging and exercise Essential points You may require fewer calories as you get older You’ll need more protein to offset age-related muscle loss and ‘anabolic resistance’ Consuming omega-3 fats and vitamin D becomes more important Thirst becomes a less reliable […]

Effective Cycling

"In cycling, practical experience still outruns science." Bradley Wiggins’ amazing Tour de France and Olympic gold medal wins has inspired us to take a break from swimming posts to dive back into John Forester’s Effective Cycling. Here’s an excerpt from Forester’s “The Physiology and Technique of Hard Riding” chapter: Abilities of Cyclists Cycling is by […]

2010 Indie Hops Mt Hood Cycling Classic

Is COMING on June 1-6th.  Mo and I usually volunteer and have a great time, come out and support the riders, either volunteer or cheer them on! The Indie Hops Mt Hood Cycling Classic 2010….6 stages, 2 in Portland, 4 in and around the Columbia River Gorge! Again, will prove to be some of the […]

Time to Drop the Fork and the Competition

Image via Wikipedia I wanted an inspirational piece of advice to begin the new year with and this article Back in Racing Form After Dropping the Fork published in the NYTimes.  They have a clever picture on the front page, and a great article about a racer getting back in the game at the old […]