Join us for our annual Open House and Builder Showcase! We’ll have food and drinks, and a plethora of custom bikes on hand. We are also offering the chance to see where our parts are made on a rarely offered shop floor tour. Allied, Argonaut, Breadwinner, Caletti, Crema, DeSalvo, Moots, and Seven will all be…… Continue reading October 14, 2017 CHRIS KING OPEN HOUSE AND BUILDER SHOWCASE

I Rode and BikeCamped to the Total Eclipse

And what a day it was.  NEW:  I did not realize that one sees the light in the shadows of trees between leaves as crescents and that was totally amazing.EVENT: Riding out was nice, but riding back with long lines of cars and neverending bikes with smiles was awesome.

Sugar Wheel Work Classes

I just ran across these classes at Sugar Wheel Works in Portland. I often build wheels in the summer as I repair the winter weather damage and I am still learning so these look pretty interesting   Sugar Wheel Works is proud to offer free clinics to help you get to know your wheels. Each…… Continue reading Sugar Wheel Work Classes

Bike Luggage Charges For Air Travel

From Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance for summer trips Bike luggage charges can be a pain. Every airline seems to handle bicycles in a completely different way, and charge completely different premiums to carry your bike box.