IKEA Bikes: Sladda

Starting in February 2017, you’ll be able to pick up IKEA’s new Sladda bike in stores across the US. Or, if you just can’t wait, you can order it now on IKEA’s US website, starting at $399. I know a lot of folks are already complaining that it won’t be a “real” bike.  Seriously, with […]

How a blue light can keep cyclists from seeing red

From OregonLive Q: At the intersection of Northeast Sandy Boulevard, 57th Avenue and Alameda Street, the eastbound traffic signal has a little bright blue light just to the right of the red light. Just what is the purpose, function of the blue light? A: As if that six-way interchange weren’t chaotic enough, the Portland Bureau […]

Winter Riding Clothes: Novara Headwind Pants

Pant vs Pants?  Not important.  Last year I went through two pairs of Novara Tights due to zipper failure.  REI was excellent about taking each pair back, especially as the zipper failed for no particular reason and certainly not from overuse, unless the tights were designed to be on a shelf and not worn.  This […]

Chicago Bicyclist chases down mugger: ‘Certain things aren’t acceptable’

From the Chicago Tribune watch the VIDEO Eric Puetz says he likes riding his bike to work every day — from Arlington Heights to Logan Square — because "you see the city in a different light." But Puetz, 51, said he was outraged by what he saw on the Northwest Side Thursday evening: A man […]

Get Visible! DIY Reflective Upgrades

I was just talking to my wife Saturday as we passed bicyclists in the dark on the way home how idiotic it is to have “bike friendly” clothes that have zero reflective material.  We noticed how blinkies certainly helped, but for the money, NOTHING comes close to reflective strips.  I was complaining as @petebikes added […]