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Get Visible! DIY Reflective Upgrades



I was just talking to my wife Saturday as we passed bicyclists in the dark on the way home how idiotic it is to have “bike friendly” clothes that have zero reflective material.  We noticed how blinkies certainly helped, but for the money, NOTHING comes close to reflective strips.  I was complaining as @petebikes added reflective materials to the rigs for @DaveNPetePartII and I haven’t done anything.  And THIS despite the wonderful folks at the Bicycle Repair Collective mentioning it about a zillion times.

This morning, this article “Reflective Tape DIY – “Get Visible!” from bikecommuters.com crosses my desk and I decide it is a sign and hop over to Amazon and order two of these.  I will show you what I do with it, but I am leaning to my bags as well as my rig.