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Winter Riding Clothes: Novara Headwind Pants



aff6da54-86ad-42ef-8155-65f8dc88282cPant vs Pants?  Not important.  Last year I went through two pairs of Novara Tights due to zipper failure.  REI was excellent about taking each pair back, especially as the zipper failed for no particular reason and certainly not from overuse, unless the tights were designed to be on a shelf and not worn. 

This time the Novara brand has a real winner here.  They are not flattering for a shape they are far superior to the tights for stopping wind and rain.  I have only ridden down to 32 degrees but they have performed far above the tights and my old favorite Sugoi tights.  The extra length stays over the tops of my Shimano boots and keeps water out of leaking through the top and there is easily enough room for thermal tights when the weather gets into the teens.

I did purchase these with my 20% off member coupon earlier this fall, so I feel like I have a real deal.   And there is a pocket, big enough for a wallet, and in this temp, weather I am storing my apartment keys, bike lock key, or all purpose rag, the pocket is a long overdue feature in biking pants. 

Ride on!


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