IKEA Bikes: Sladda

Starting in February 2017, you’ll be able to pick up IKEA’s new Sladda bike in stores across the US. Or, if you just can’t wait, you can order it now on IKEA’s US website, starting at $399. I know a lot of folks are already complaining that it won’t be a “real” bike.  Seriously, with…… Continue reading IKEA Bikes: Sladda

Simple Electric Bike

I keep waiting for the Faraday Porteur to arrive.  From it’s beginning at the Oregon Manifest to the fundraising on Kickstarter I have found it a fun item to anticipate.  I look at the picture and I know that I might want one, although the picture indicates the designers have little confidence in an upright…… Continue reading Simple Electric Bike

The Bike I Came Home On

School started, both High School where I teach and Graduate School where I am picking up more Highly Qualified endorsements after my Masters, to teach wider and deeper.  Writing lags just a tad. I am traveling this weekend and taking the LeMond with me, not the Rivendell.  They are as dissimilar as one can explain.…… Continue reading The Bike I Came Home On

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DKB around Town

I was zipping down Naito Parkway the other day and what should appear, but a B-Line (sustainable urban delivery) bike serving up Dave’s Killer Bread (DKB).  Way to go guys!

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