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Whistle Workwear Safety Shirt does Biking



Whistle Workwear has become my new favorite Work Wear shopping store.  I first saw this shirt on a younger working crew and purchased one for Peter to wear commuting in Chicago.  I have since purchased them for a member of my Bike Commute Challenge Team who was in a bicycle accident last year so that she is easily spotted on the road.  The stripes are actually reflective and as you should know by now, the lights are a small part of the safety and visibility equation, wear reflective clothing!

I finally got one for myself and have been wearing it as a regular shirt, at least the hipsters are too shy to wear it, so I find it nice to have my own fashion statement.

What makes the shirt work is that it isn’t a vest, it isn’t silly, it is just there and highly reflective.  Drop in to Whistle Workwear, you are going to find this isn’t your Dad’s workwear store, this is a STORE, it carries stock, presents it well, and does great customer service.

Oh, this shirt runs $13 and is a great value.  Buy a couple, or buy the bulky Highly Reflective Vest (they sell those too).


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