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Sauvie Island Ride and iPhone Shakeout




My iPhone shakeout continues to prepare for my cross country TransAm ride later this year.

I was able to upload a waypoint to TrackMyTour.com.  And this morning, on Danielle’s advice, I did download MS Windows Live Photo Gallery and stitched together my first panorama. I am learning to overlap all the images as it was a glorious view of all the local mountains and I didn’t connect the entire set, so only these two of Mt. St. Helen’s and Mt. Adams from the edge of the Bridge to cross the Columbia to Sauvie Island. 

I was unable to get my pictures to upload to Posterous, I intend to use Posterous as a WebSite as well as distribution tool to everything else.  What I hadn’t done well was learn to synchronize my contacts from Google.  I didn’t realize one does it manually from Google to iTunes each time, so my contacts were behind.  I tried texting Posterous which has worked in the past, but the message left but never arrived.

Still learning the ins and outs of the iPhone after all this time, it lost track of my computer, so I reauthorized that again, and then 16 of my Apps were out of date, but according to iTunes, but not the iPhone itself which said “All Apps were up-to-date”.  I trust this will not give me further complications this summer.  I am not going to be tethered for 90 days.