DIY Touchscreen Kit for Gloves

The 6 Stitch Kit converts your favorite pair of gloves to work with any touchscreen device.  All it takes is 6 stitches. You can now wear your favorite gloves or mittens while using your iPhone or other touchscreen device Texting-related frostbite and un-answerable incoming calls are things of the past ​It takes just two minutes…… Continue reading DIY Touchscreen Kit for Gloves

Sauvie Island Ride and iPhone Shakeout

My iPhone shakeout continues to prepare for my cross country TransAm ride later this year. I was able to upload a waypoint to  And this morning, on Danielle’s advice, I did download MS Windows Live Photo Gallery and stitched together my first panorama. I am learning to overlap all the images as it was…… Continue reading Sauvie Island Ride and iPhone Shakeout

Track My Tour

I have no idea if this will work, or does work, but if it does, it could make my life this summer a great deal easier on the TransAm Trail. TrackMyTour keeps your friends and family updated on the progress of your bike tour, hike, sailing trip, road trip, vacation, or any other tour. See…… Continue reading Track My Tour