Sugar Wheel Work Classes

I just ran across these classes at Sugar Wheel Works in Portland. I often build wheels in the summer as I repair the winter weather damage and I am still learning so these look pretty interesting   Sugar Wheel Works is proud to offer free clinics to help you get to know your wheels. Each […]

Strava Surprise! Your Personal Data Is Not So Personal

From, I was fairly surprised to find Portland purchasing my data.  In the old days of the Internet one asked and folks contributed.  how long until this is fed directly into the “machine” for “public safety” and bikes are tracked, just like cars.  Nitwits. You can be forgiven for believing that your personal data […]

Interactive Map Tracks Portland Bicycle Maps

Article from KATU PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland cyclists have a new tool to examine the safety record of city streets. A new interactive map from the MIT Media Lab tracks the 1,085 bike crashes that happened in Portland between 2010 and 2013. The numbers show some of the city’s busiest streets are also the ones […]

How a blue light can keep cyclists from seeing red

From OregonLive Q: At the intersection of Northeast Sandy Boulevard, 57th Avenue and Alameda Street, the eastbound traffic signal has a little bright blue light just to the right of the red light. Just what is the purpose, function of the blue light? A: As if that six-way interchange weren’t chaotic enough, the Portland Bureau […]