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DIY Touchscreen Kit for Gloves



6 Stitch Kit and Glove

The 6 Stitch Kit converts your favorite pair of gloves to work with any touchscreen device. 
All it takes is 6 stitches.
  • You can now wear your favorite gloves or mittens while using your iPhone or other touchscreen device
  • Texting-related frostbite and un-answerable incoming calls are things of the past
  • ​It takes just two minutes to sew a few stitches of the advanced textile thread to the finger or thumb of your favorite gloves (full instructions are provided for this incredibly simple task)
  • Don’t suffer with cold phone hands any longer and especially don’t buy those expensive and unattractive "tech gloves"
    DWB/MSFWith each kit sold we donate $1 to Doctors Without Borders to help stock medical kits in the world’s neediest regions
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