Senseless – Bicycling Magazine

Take time to read the article at Bicycling Magazine It was worth the time and the length. Nothing is more important. Bicycle helmets do an outstanding job of keeping our skulls intact in a major crash. But they do almost nothing to prevent concussions and other significant brain injuries—and the very government agency created…… Continue reading Senseless – Bicycling Magazine

Lose The Helmets

From Slashdot this morning.  One imagines that one does understand the comments even before they are posted.  Trot on out there and look at the billion comments if you dare. This much I see in Portland: whenever folks gather and try to stop any sport or activity they turn to an attempt to require helmets.…… Continue reading Lose The Helmets

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Bell Helmets Rock Replacing Your Lid

I fell riding the TransAm this summer.  I fell on this curve on Hwy 12 near Lowell, ID.  I was pondering external things.  Essentially after a long day of riding not focusing on the narrow pavement outside the white line quite as thoroughly as I should have. One of the many things impacted in my minor excursion…… Continue reading Bell Helmets Rock Replacing Your Lid