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Bell Helmets Rock Replacing Your Lid



I fell riding the TransAm this summer.  I fell on this curve on Hwy 12 near Lowell, ID.  I was pondering external things.  Essentially after a long day of riding not focusing on the narrow pavement outside the white line quite as thoroughly as I should have.

One of the many things impacted in my minor excursion to the pavement was my helmet.  I have always heard that given an impact of this nature it is best to replace one’s lid and indeed the folks at Bell Bike Helmets have a 30% discount after one has damaged a helmet during a crash.  I await my new XLV replacing my ever so wonderful Triton that gave its life to protect my noggin.

Thanks Bell Bike Helmets, nice job making the first which kept me safe, and for helping me replace a lid and keep safe!