Replacing a Worn Out Bike Light Mount With Sugru + Magnets

I have a worn out Planet Bike LED Bike Light Mount.  It lasted many years and now it simply doesn’t click the lock closed dependably.  Online costs for a new mount seemed too high, appropriate, and yet, functionally, not a direction I wanted to go.  I couldn’t use the bike light as a helmet light…… Continue reading Replacing a Worn Out Bike Light Mount With Sugru + Magnets

Tribesports: Hack Your Fitness

See for an interesting take on clothes and a community for fitness.  Enjoy the infographic below and get out and be fit, be fast, be fearless.  By removing middlemen to sell only online, and celebrating real sports people like you rather than paying pro athletes to wear our sportswear, we pass on up to…… Continue reading Tribesports: Hack Your Fitness

Hack an IKEA Stool to build a bike

In November 2012, Core77 made an article on their blog about one of my projects, a collection of 3D printed lampshades made to repair IKEA lamps. At the end of the page, the writer (Ray) made a suggestion : “Where Andreas Bhend’s recently-seen IKEA hacks included instructions à la the Swedish furniture giant’s pictographic booklets,…… Continue reading Hack an IKEA Stool to build a bike

Suspend Your Bike From a Wall Using Old Handlebars

This is a great use of an old set of handlebars, Kudos to Kyle Wilson for a no frills/straight forward guide for those of you looking to make your own wall mounted bike hanger but don’t feel like spending a bunch of dough.

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This is just an interesting idea putting wheels parallel rather than in a line.  I wonder how it rides? The wheel is one of the most basic inventions in history. Fabels thought it was an interesting idea to use the wheel itself as a vehicle. To solve balance-problems two parallel wheels were used. The driver…… Continue reading Dicyclet