Replacing a Worn Out Bike Light Mount With Sugru + Magnets

F2P6ECTHRI984BH.MEDIUMI have a worn out Planet Bike LED Bike Light Mount.  It lasted many years and now it simply doesn’t click the lock closed dependably.  Online costs for a new mount seemed too high, appropriate, and yet, functionally, not a direction I wanted to go.  I couldn’t use the bike light as a helmet light while using my much bright Cygolight from my non-commuting bike. 

I am going to try this Instructable How to make bike lights with sugru + magnets and see how it works.

Tribesports: Hack Your Fitness

See for an interesting take on clothes and a community for fitness.  Enjoy the infographic below and get out and be fit, be fast, be fearless. 

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Hack an IKEA Stool to build a bike

In November 2012, Core77 made an article on their blog about one of my projects, a collection of 3D printed lampshades made to repair IKEA lamps. At the end of the page, the writer (Ray) made a suggestion :

“Where Andreas Bhend’s recently-seen IKEA hacks included instructions à la the Swedish furniture giant’s pictographic booklets, Bernier has seen fit to customize a part of the whole. But if they’re disparate yet equally creative approaches to DIY making, perhaps the next step is for the two to join forces: Andreas, if you’re reading this, we’d love to see you guys collaborate on a series of IKEA hacks with bespoke 3D printed parts and instructions…”

That’s exactly what we did.

Andreas is a student in the east of Switzerland while I work full time for le FabShop, a 3D printing startup in Paris (France).
We didn’t know each other, but were motivated by the project. Andreas took the train to Paris where we spent two days and a half doing this :

Draisienne, the IKEA hack by Samuel N. Bernier and Andreas Bhend from le FabShop on Vimeo.

The Scenic Route to a Longer Life

The secret is wonderfully simple. Just enjoy yourself. Of course, if you are unhappy and all of your energy is expended on something you don’t enjoy or something that ultimately creates more stress than pleasure, your immune system is going to suffer.

The power with which your body can fight off illness is directly related to the level of stress in your life. The more panicked you are in your everyday life, the more energy your body expends being stressed, and conversely, the less energy you have to fight off illnesses.

Another very simple way to maintain longevity is to keep nature as a constant in your life. Keeping plants in your living space relieves air pollution and pumps your environment with fresh oxygen. Living in rural areas, close to wilderness also correlates to a longer life.

Wanna live past 100? Try keeping it simple, and living in harmony with your environment.


This is just an interesting idea putting wheels parallel rather than in a line.  I wonder how it rides?

The wheel is one of the most basic inventions in history. Fabels thought it was an interesting idea to use the wheel itself as a vehicle. To solve balance-problems two parallel wheels were used. The driver is positioned under the axle, which connects the wheels the driver’s body functions as a counterweight. During acceleration the chair swings slightly forwards. During a breaking maneuver it swings backwards and with extreme braking it can even make several 360-degree loops. Driver and vehicle are one.

The Dicyclet is designed and built together with Maik ter Veer.

There are several copies of the Dicyclet that have been made without consulting the inventors. If you ever encounter one off(sic) these falsifications the author invites you to joyride it.