DIY Touchscreen Kit for Gloves

6 Stitch Kit and Glove

The 6 Stitch Kit converts your favorite pair of gloves to work with any touchscreen device. 
All it takes is 6 stitches.
  • You can now wear your favorite gloves or mittens while using your iPhone or other touchscreen device
  • Texting-related frostbite and un-answerable incoming calls are things of the past
  • ​It takes just two minutes to sew a few stitches of the advanced textile thread to the finger or thumb of your favorite gloves (full instructions are provided for this incredibly simple task)
  • Don’t suffer with cold phone hands any longer and especially don’t buy those expensive and unattractive "tech gloves"
    DWB/MSFWith each kit sold we donate $1 to Doctors Without Borders to help stock medical kits in the world’s neediest regions
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Download RunKeeper Pro for FREE Through The Month of January!

My favorite run-tracking app RunKeeper,  in an effort to encourage more people to get off the couch, is making the RunKeeper Pro app (usually $9.99 USD) free to download now through the end of January!

The free version of RunKeeper is great by itself, tracking your run on a map using GPS and logging your speed, calories burned, pace, and all kinds of great information—which is also can automatically sync to their web site.

RunKeeper Pro adds customizable audio cues, advanced coaching, a complete range of activities to catalog, and you can easily see the difference by installing both RunKeeper Free and RunKeeper Pro and checking them out.