Layering: as easy as 1, 2, or 3

Fall is turning chilly with the temps in the low 40s this morning and going colder tomorrow.  I found this article by Elizabeth on Bike Commuters, written for Chicago to be useful.  Certainly Portland is not as cold as Chicago, but the east Gorge Wind provides subzero chill factors during Winter and so I always know  I can learn from others.

From her post:

I tend to over-think things a lot! This quality of mine can be both good and bad. What I like about fall/winter riding is that dressing for it really is easy – you just need to know the purpose of each layer and best fabric for that task. Aside from those days when I start pondering other gear, layering is really quite easy – and leaves me feeling always prepared.

Whistle Workwear Safety Shirt does Biking

Whistle Workwear has become my new favorite Work Wear shopping store.  I first saw this shirt on a younger working crew and purchased one for Peter to wear commuting in Chicago.  I have since purchased them for a member of my Bike Commute Challenge Team who was in a bicycle accident last year so that she is easily spotted on the road.  The stripes are actually reflective and as you should know by now, the lights are a small part of the safety and visibility equation, wear reflective clothing!

I finally got one for myself and have been wearing it as a regular shirt, at least the hipsters are too shy to wear it, so I find it nice to have my own fashion statement.

What makes the shirt work is that it isn’t a vest, it isn’t silly, it is just there and highly reflective.  Drop in to Whistle Workwear, you are going to find this isn’t your Dad’s workwear store, this is a STORE, it carries stock, presents it well, and does great customer service.

Oh, this shirt runs $13 and is a great value.  Buy a couple, or buy the bulky Highly Reflective Vest (they sell those too).

Why Vibram Five Fingers?

It was this article originally published in the NYTimes by TARA PARKER-POPE that finally led me to purchase my Five Fingers Vibram shoes.  I have included the article here as I sometimes can’t get to the NYTimes.  It is better to click through and read the article on their site as it has all the related articles, pix, and comments.


It’s In the Blood

Have you ever purchased a single month of cable T.V. just to watch the Tour? Shaved your legs to avoid road-rash? Calculated out your ideal Q-factor? Weighed the benefits of titanium versus carbon fiber with the intensity of an aerospace engineer? Pushed yourself to the point that you fall over trying to clip out? We have. We know. Join us.

Here’s how it goes down:

  • We slap a primo piece of cycling gear on our site at a scandalous price.
  • We sell it ’til it’s gone.
  • You leave feeling like you just lapped Lance on a time trial.
  • The gear arrives fast and you’re back in the saddle.

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