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West Hills Challenge 2011



This from Portland Velo:

West Hills Challenge 2011

Upper Echelon is happy to announce The West Hills Challenge 2011. This is a an event using Strava.com to record times for climbing the popular training routes in the West hills of Portland.  The competition is now open and the climbs must be completed before the end of August 2011.

How? You only need a GPS device (Garmin, iPhone, etc) to record your climbing performance. Upload your ride data to Strava and your climbing time will be recorded and added to your results sheet on the events page.  Easy!  You have over two months to complete the 5 hills.  If you have questions, contact us and we will help.
Prizes: Awards for top GC (combined times for each climb) and for Stage Wins. Prize info coming soon!

When: Now until August 31st, 2011

Who: Open to anyone!  Competition is FREE.  Register here:  http://app.strava.com/events/147/news

Questions? Contact Russell at Upper Echelon.   Russell@upperechelonfitness.com

If you are interested in purchasing a Garmin, we have special pricing available if you mention this event!

Stages (no need to complete them any a particular order):

Stage 1:  NW Saltzman Road: strava.com/segments/254905/
Stage 2:  NW Newberry Road:  strava.com/segments/626980/
Stage 3:  NW McNamee Road:  strava.com/segments/624499/
Stage 4:  NW Logie Trail:  strava.com/segments/625695/
Stage 5:  Rocky Point:  strava.com/segments/634058/

If you have questions about how this works, let me know.  Thank you!