Is Your Shoe Unfit?

One of the best discussions I have had with family and friends over the year is the world famous “When to Retire a Running Shoe” with another answer by GINA KOLATA in the NYTimes recently. What do I think?  She may be on the same track, pay attention to yourself.  For me, knee injuries happened…… Continue reading Is Your Shoe Unfit?

Feiyue Perhaps Instead of Five Fingers

Kevin Kelly of Cool Tools suggests Shaolin-style barefoot shoes instead of Five Fingers, read why below.  Better yet, ignore this repost and read Cool Tools, that is a great blog! Feiyue From KK Why do I prefer Feiyue to thepreviously reviewed Vibram FiveFingers shoes? Price is half of the benefit. Another 30% of the benefit…… Continue reading Feiyue Perhaps Instead of Five Fingers