Happy Maps for Biking

I watched this video and was reminded of my last TransAm, the section on the East Coast, where a couple of groups wanted to catch up to me, and they did.  They cut the chords of a route that meandered.  Sure, they rode long days, and so did I.  But on my path I encountered…… Continue reading Happy Maps for Biking

Bike Safety Maps via Crowdsourcing

via Commute by Bike This combines three of my favorite things – mapping, crowdsourcing, and bicycling – is something I can’t help cheer! Earlier this month, at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, geography professor Dr. Trisalyn Nelson launched a new bike mapping website called BikeMaps.org. The website is a crowdsourced bike safety map…… Continue reading Bike Safety Maps via Crowdsourcing

Interactive Map Tracks Portland Bicycle Maps

Article from KATU PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland cyclists have a new tool to examine the safety record of city streets. A new interactive map from the MIT Media Lab tracks the 1,085 bike crashes that happened in Portland between 2010 and 2013. The numbers show some of the city’s busiest streets are also the ones…… Continue reading Interactive Map Tracks Portland Bicycle Maps

Tour de France 2012: Cycling The Alps

CYCLING THE ALPS Just look at the Google Earth Plug In version of the Prologue, shown below.  Is this cool or what?  I know, but if I get up too late to see the stage map on TV, this is sooooo much better. Cycling the Alps 3D tours