If you don’t put yourself out there, you have zero chance

I was watching the Vuelta yesterday and enjoying Ben King finishing and thinking about the effort level when I watched his collapse after the finish line.

Chad Haga retweeted this tweet

which got me to read the piece Ben King wrote.

One of his favorite quotes was “direction, not intention, determines destination” (Andy Stanley). 

From his article I take the JA philosophy of ” If you don’t put yourself out there, you have zero chance. ” as well as ” Live in the moment but keep moving forward.”

It matters to me as my training has been affected a lot this year and I do realize that speed and capacity changes every year now, in ways I can’t expect.  So I need to focus on the fact that some of this are highs and lows and to make the most of every day!

What Would Jens Do? Shut Up Legs

I must be the last person in PDX to find Jens Voight’s Army. Sux being only a Cat 6 racer.

We may look vapid, but we think about stuff. And when we think, we think hard.

You have to hear the Jens “I get paid to hurt other people” Voight Soundboard.

Wait, who is Jens?  WWJD

Once when Jens put the hammer down driving the peloton, some riders just dropped off the back, others had their entire existence wiped off the time-space continuum.