FlyKly electric bike wheel

Where I previously was interested in the Copenhagen wheel, the FlyKly, is available now. FlyKly has been in the works for a while. Originally a Kickstarter project that raised $700,000 (its goal had been $100,000), the electric bike wheel project is now available to everyone. Electric bicycles are nothing new. But FlyKly’s approach is different…… Continue reading FlyKly electric bike wheel

EBike Kits

Electric bicycles are fast, efficient and fun! And now you can convert your own bicycle into an electric bicycle with my e-bike kit! This is from the Kickstarter author, NOT me For anyone who is just now stumbling upon this page, because the Kickstarter campaign is over, you will no longer be able to get…… Continue reading EBike Kits

This sleek electric bike is wonderful and could be real, if you vote for it

A clever concept with smart lights and a built-in lock Originally posted on the Verge.  VOTE FOR IT A team of designers in Seattle are building a bike that could be your new best option for navigating busy city streets. Called the Denny, the bike concept includes a number of clever features that make it…… Continue reading This sleek electric bike is wonderful and could be real, if you vote for it

Simple Electric Bike

I keep waiting for the Faraday Porteur to arrive.  From it’s beginning at the Oregon Manifest to the fundraising on Kickstarter I have found it a fun item to anticipate.  I look at the picture and I know that I might want one, although the picture indicates the designers have little confidence in an upright…… Continue reading Simple Electric Bike

GreenWheel Turns Pedal Bike Into Electric Hog

Feb. 18, 2009 — The next time you change a bike tire, think about upgrading your power as well. Scientists at MIT are testing a new power generation, storage and propulsion system known as the GreenWheel that will turn any pedal bicycle into an electric hog. “Just take the wheel off, put a GreenWheel equipped…… Continue reading GreenWheel Turns Pedal Bike Into Electric Hog