The Other Trans-Am: TAT

From Outside online, info here about Bikepacking, in the article these folks started in 2015 to be the first to Bikepack the Trans-America Trail—the cob-rough, dirt-and-gravel path across the U.S. adored by off-road motorcyclists. Bikepacking, in which the bike serves as both steed and pack mule along dirt single- and doubletrack—is one of the hottest […]

Touring Setup for FAST TransAm transit

Summer is starting and I have been looking at high speed touring, newer setups. TransAm Bike Race Steeds 2016 got me thinking about details. BikePacking Ultra setups and then Outside ran the Ultimate BikePacking Setup with a lot of details. While I am not sure what changes I am willing to make, it does get […]