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  • 8 Fascinating Facts about Bicycling and Walking in the US



    This post appears to have originated from the Alliance for Biking and Walking: Last month was the launch of the brand new 2014 Alliance Benchmarking Report, a massive report filled with data and research on walking and bicycling in all 50 states, 52 of the most populous cities, and 17 midsized cities. The Alliance produces…

  • 100-Year-Old Man Sets 100-Kilometer Cycling Record

    Now this is a goal I think I will shoot for.  Robert Marchand, 100, riding into the record books in Lyon on Friday. (Getty Images) LYON, Sept 28, 2012 (AFP) — A French centenarian on Friday set a record for the fastest 100-year-old to cycle 100 kilometers (62 miles) and said he had outdone himself.…