Winter Weather Brings Longboard Fenders

Down in the shop last night I mounted new SKS Longboard Fenders from Rivendell Bicycle Works on my Atlantis.  The splash off the front wheels has been  the only drawback to riding on wider tires.   Wider tires equals more water pushed up into my legs and shoes.  I researched all manners of solutions and could […]

Rivendell Bicycle Works Reader 43 is Out

Rivendell Bicycle Works who built my Atlantis (disclaimer: I have wanted a Rivendell Bicycle from so long ago that while it is only a bicycle, I believe it might be special) and introduced me to thinking about cycling and realizing that my Engineering background indeed does trump bike lore by providing science, released the Rivendell […]

Choosing the Right Bike Shop – Rivendell Bicycle Works

So my plans changed, apparently the Sam Hillborne was not the right bike for me.  It sounds silly to say it as I would have been happy to have had it and happy to have ridden it.  I believe it would have been with me a very long time.  But the frames weren’t going to […]