I am intrigued by the idea of dealing with the weather on an electric bicycle and this one does pretty well with that.  Neat that it may well come in a kit form! Published on Apr 2, 2016 Demo of my bicycle car PodRide with speaker textHelp to support my projects on Indegohttps://igg.me/at/podride/x/13298299

Innovative Loopwheel has integrated suspension for a smoother ride

Disclaimer: I own a Dahon and found it because of that via Treehugger © Loopwheels Bike riders will know that riding on bumpy roads with potholes or going up a curb will cause some discomfort — ditto for wheelchair owners and folding bike afficionados. But that may change with Loopwheels, an innovative, shock-absorbing wheel that […]

This sleek electric bike is wonderful and could be real, if you vote for it

A clever concept with smart lights and a built-in lock Originally posted on the Verge.  VOTE FOR IT A team of designers in Seattle are building a bike that could be your new best option for navigating busy city streets. Called the Denny, the bike concept includes a number of clever features that make it […]

Jens gets selected to start his 17th Tour de France

Originally posted on Bicycling.com I will miss him when he goes, because he gets me out there every year.   What do you know? All of my “most definitely, probably not” ideas regarding racing another Tour de France just went out the window this week when news came that, once again, I have been selected […]