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Prepare Your Motorcycle For Winter



Hey, it is a bike too.

Winter is coming, and preparation is particularly important when it comes to making sure your motorcycle is ready for the coming cold.

Before you put your pride and joy away until warmer days, there are some initial measures you should take to ensure you don’t face nasty surprises when you go for that first ride of the new season. Checking oil, antifreeze, gas, spark plugs, and lube will go a long way towards preparing your ride for storage. Don’t forget, also, to clean your batteries’ posts and charge your batteries before storage. Some people like to leave their batteries constantly charging during storage, which is fine; just don’t forget to use a battery tender to prevent overcharging. Check tire pressure and place your bike on a stand to keep the tires off the ground. If you don’t have a stand, remember to rotate the tires every few weeks.

When it comes time to store your bike, put an exhaust plug in your exhaust pipe to keep mice and other rodents away, and make sure to use a protective, mildew-resistant cover. Always store a bike indoors if possible. If you don’t have a garage or a friend with one, consider asking around about month-by-month storage options.

If you’re the type of person who likes to brave the elements on your motorcycle, the following guide will also provide a checklist you should follow before you ride off into the cold. Whether you’re storing or riding this winter, you can’t afford not to read this infographic!