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2021 Starting With The Bike



TWO months since the Wolverine was out and FOUR months since the Atlantis was out of the garage.

Today I left myself a note that I needed to dig through all the boxes and containers and find my winter kit.

I wanted to ride, but I am not riding, and I had nowhere in particular to go, and the bike needed air in the tires, and I couldn’t find my rear light. My mileage is limited to a Zwift trainer in the garage, even a short around the neighborhood wasn’t going to be easy after all this time not riding. And it might rain any minute, I know, I checked continuously.

I actually forgot it shifted with bar end shifters but immediately made the switch, every bike shifter is in a different spot and I soon switched to “fully aware I hadn’t been on a street in some time mode” where I don’t pedal hard or do anything but traffic and lanes.

I was on a trail when I realized my watch HR was not set to broadcast to the Wahoo and I really didn’t mind, it was so nice to be out riding.

I wiped the bike down and hung it back on the rack (pulled it off later as it was still dripping from inside the fenders) and I will need to figure out the logistics of where to hang or dry soaking wet things, where all the charger cables are for various lights are (solved as of this writing), none of which I used in August.

Nice start to 2021