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Be Careful Out There Using Strava



Disclosure: I am a Premium Strava Member who has some KOM and CR achievements on Strava.

Disclosure #2: I own a Garmin watch and find it fun to run and ride virtually with my kids, so I gave them each a watch as well.

I do understand the need for everyone to have someone to blame for their own actions.  Perhaps even my saying that is reckless, but this BBC article on Strava makes me think.  I am wondering if as an individual on the planet I am responsible for my actions?  If so, is using Strava a “Wild West Culture”, or does every luddite use that antiquated description of the Internet?

Heads in the cloud: Strava adapts to tackle reckless racing

By Leo KelionTechnology reporter

Michael Horvath
Strava’s chief executive, Michael Horvath, says his apps target top tier runners and cyclists

Continue reading the main storyThe app is either the best thing to happen to training in years, or it transforms users into inconsiderate egotists more concerned about topping online leader boards than road safety,


Strava markets its apps as a way to track your own progress and to compete against friends


Instead Strava is growing quickly. Its free-to-download software collects data from location sensors in smartphones, sports watches and standalone GPS devices and then uses the information to produce maps of where users have been and tables analysing their performance.


But the product is perhaps best known for its leader boards.

These allow members to compete to be the fastest at covering a segment of road or trail.

Strava has been accused of doing too little to warn users of the risks of cycling at high speeds


Strava screenshot


So, about those tire manufacturers and the lighter, faster tires…..