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Folding Bike Hack: Electric Bike



I was reading about the Brompton Bike Hack by NYCeWheels and have copied info from their web page below.

The question is could I do a similar hack on my Dahon.  I have an idea why the idea of having an eBike is catching on with me, I absolutely love riding and being a cyclist.   This sort of bike would get me to absolutely give up the car on the nights I feel I have to race out to get a package to the post office and really don’t want to suit up both ways, or something like that.  The example is merely to say, I would get a small percentage more trips in if I had an eBike.  The same is true if I had a cargo bike. 

We’re adding our custom designed system to a standard Brompton M3L folding bike, which means you’ll have three gears to switch between in addition to the motor. If you want to add some boost, just press down on the thumb throttle to accelerate with the electric motor.

The NYCeWheels Electric Brompton M3L folding bike features:

  • One of the lightest electric bikes (45 lbs total)
  • Retains the compact folded size of a Brompton folding bike
  • Different battery mount options available
  • Powered by a thumb throttle – no pedaling necessary

Our electric Brompton folding bike is only 18 lbs heavier than a standard Brompton bike, making it one of the lightest electric bikes in existence. Because the hub motor fits inside the front wheel, the electric Brompton still has the smallest folding dimensions out of any folding bicycle.

The best way to mount the battery on the electric Brompton bike is to use a front carrying bag like the Brompton S-Bag or the Brompton C-Bag. Since the bags are detachable, the batteries can be charged independent of the bike. There are other battery mounting options available as well. electric Brompton folding bike video

Our electric Brompton folding bike is the easiest, most portable method of urban transportation. There’s nothing that folds smaller or stands up to the quality of this English-made urban folder. An electric motor just makes it that much more fun.

If you already own a Brompton, you can have us install a electric conversion kit on it for a electric Brompton bike of your own.

Note: This kit is designed, built, and warrantied by NYCeWheels exclusively. Brompton folding bike warrantied through Brompton Bicycle.