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Jogging Drone Suggests Biking Drone Coach



I was reading about RMIT geeks creating a jogging drone stalker on The Register.

You can find out more about RMIT’s Exertion Games lab: http://www.rmit.edu.au/exertiongameslab

Eberhard Graether is a visiting researcher from Austria, working in the Exertion Games Lab at RMIT. The Joggobot project explores how robots might make jogging more engaging in the future.

Skip that nonsense, picture this as your biking coach.  This thing accelerates up a hill and takes you with it, or tries to.  Just playing with the sound track would be cool.  What will be next?

Dr Mueller said that the lab is focused on the “merging of ‘play’ and the active human body, drawing from research streams such as interaction design, human-computer interaction and games research. The culture in the Lab is one of interdisciplinary work fostered by creative scientists, designers, artists and engineers from all over the world."