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Bicycle Camping on the Northern Tier


Bacon Bike Hostel – Colville, Washington

The Bacon Biker Hostel in Colville, Washington, for camping at the hostel.

Adventure Cycling reports that Shelley Bacon, the owner of the hostelwrote, "We have four bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a small kitchen and living area. We plan to have beds (but no bedding) available and keep the place stocked with toilet paper and cleaning supplies (for a “self-clean” place!) … This hostel is free for bicyclists. We only ask that they leave it clean, and sign our guest book. We will have a donation box for any who care to help defray electrical expenses, etc."

While the hostel doesn’t seem to have an internet presence of their own — they are frequently mentioned in blogs — a quick internet search brought up several recent entries from cyclists. Colville is located on the Northern Tier route — a little more than 70 miles north of Spokane — so is also nicely situated for a bike overnight or weekend trip from many places in northeastern Washington. If you’re in the neighborhood on either a long or short trip, I suggest checking in with them as an lodging option.