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There is Nothing Like a Good Bike Adventure Book: eBook




I am learning that ideas that are extremely clear in my head are much more difficult to communicate on a blog.  I am relearning it.  I am hoping to put it into practice.  After all, I have an idea how all my articles are connected and why I put them up here.

My first recollection of a bike adventure book was reading Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage.  My later recollections were that everyone mentions that she was killed later while riding her bike closer to her home.  For most people, bikes are just that, a continual safety nightmare and a reason to hate (no comments will be posted, I have toured enough to see this).  I was thrilled that this woman just went places, places I would never go without a bicycle.  I hope that this book may stimulate someone else to go someplace and to do it on a bicycle.  I am not against traveling like the images I have of Colonial British, where I have funds and tea sets are set out, white linens, pith helmets, but I would miss just learning about myself and the people I am going by.  What I would miss most is understanding what adventure is.  These days, that is the most important thing.

So when I saw this eBook about Melanie Swanson, a cycle tourist from Washington on a one-year, ’round-the-world bicycle tour.  And I realized you could download her eBook FREE, “The Neither Authoritative Nor Concise Guide to Riding Bikes in Southeast Asia” on the GoingSlowly blog, I thought I would give it a plug.  I am hopeful it is good book, but even a fair one that gives one any reason to jump into the world of bicycling adventures would be a worthwhile addition.  And I am from Washington as well.  I hope she has fun.


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