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FOUR Mountain View From West Hills Challenge #5



Last year on Aug 1st I was just riding back into Oregon.  Today I finished the first climbs of the West Hills Challenge Series of Five Hill Climbs where I currently reside at 32 of 35 and the last male on this hill.  Of the Strava riders doing the hill I am 52 of 60.  I have no idea if I will do any of the climbs again, although I will get a PR from Strava if I do.

On a day with no legs, I finally remembered how to climb properly and while my time wasn’t anywhere for the leaders, it was a smooth ascent and the first I have had this summer.

On the way up the view was spectacular.  Where Logie Trail is a pretty ride, this ride had views of the rivers, Mt. Hood, Mt Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt Adams.  FOUR moutains viewed at once from one spot.  What a great way to spend a tiring day in the saddle.

I am not the rider I was a year ago.  At that point I had 3200 miles into my summer and over 140,000 feet of climbing.  This year I have 4% of the miles and .3% of the climbing and it shows on paper.  But for all of that, I did get out and have a good time learning new things and things I used to know as well.