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West Hills Challenge #3, Almost the Red Lantern, Still Faster Than a Chicken



I am 60 out of 62, according to the Strava logs, riders who have recorded this climb this year.  In the competition I am 38th of 39 and Sarah has recorded a time faster than I did.  Sure Sarah is faster than I am, and undoubtedly sweeter and nicer, and I have no idea who Sarah is, but I was just faster than her in an earlier climb and as she is with Green Submarine Racing  I held out hope I wasn’t hopeless.

And then there was the chicken.  I am not the Red Lantern, escaping that distinction by one place, although I am not embarrassed if I end up there.  I am competing and that is enough, and who knows what might happen.  I believe the chicken was befriended by Sarah earlier and chased me as a result of my closing on Sarah’s time OR it chased me because I was turning the cranks over so slowly it thought it could catch me.  I flat outran the chicken and so leave this ride with my dignity intact.


Today I learned to use my Strava Android App correctly.  I recorded my whole ride for this first time and allowed Strava to cut out the competition part automatically.  I am really liking how this app works although I think for the love I am giving it I should get a 10 second time bonus.