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Ride #2 West Hills Challenge 2011



I finally figured out how to add myself to the Strava West Hills Challenge 2011.

From the Peloton: today’s excuse is that I haven’t ridden a bike in a week and haven’t trained all summer.  And the Rivendell Atlantis failed me, it refused to shift into the low range of the triple.  I am sure that it remains spiritually one with me as I believe it is out of adjustment from when I caught the chain in between the gears and the frame.  No “Check Engine” light here.

Reality: I was lucky to get home on the 35 Mile Loop as I had a slow leak and even slower legs.

How am I doing?  I am 41st of 44 on this Category 3 climb, yes, it was shorter yet steeper than the last climb.  And for those who simply are recording it and not in the competition, I am 94th out of 110.  And the hills are getting farther from Portland.  Pedal On!