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Hosting Touring Cyclist David Munusamy Reddie



This week we were fortunate enough to host David Munusamy Reddie, the organizer of bicycle touring in Nibong Tebal, Penang.   I have included David’s business card, although the best place to find him is at www.bicycletouringmalaysia.com.

David was a wonderful guest who provided us with many insights into his culture, his country, as well as the stories of his trip across the country.  At the end of his stay, which was very short, I realized how much better of a guest I need to be to include people easily into my world on such short notice.

I am pondering cycling in Malaysia, simply to see another culture from the saddle.  Very glad to have met you David.

David also left us with some amount of Malasian currency which I will have to look up.  We have it saved so we may spend it when we arrive in his country some day.


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