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Countdown to the BTA’s 2009 Bike Commute Challenge



Who’s team is going to bag this year’s Bike Commute Challenge?

Tuesday is the first day of September and the first day of the BTA’s 2009 Bike Commute Challenge. We hope that you’ll join us again in the friendly competition to see who can bike to work more.  Weekly prize drawings, head to head challenges, the goal to beat last year’s personal or workplace record. . . It’s Challenge time again, and we hope that you’ll log back in and start logging trips.

Did someone say prize drawings?  That’s right.  If you missed the survey email that went out last week, you have one more chance to qualify for the first prize drawing of the year by taking a short 3-minute survey from ODOT’s Transportation Options program, one of our lead sponsors.  The end of the survey will take you right to the Bike Commute Challenge homepage.


If you haven’t logged back in yet this year, go to the Bike Commute Challenge homepage, click “I rode last year,” and enter last year’s username and password.  (Forgot it?  No problem.  Click on the “I forgot” text under the login box, and we’ll send you an email reminder of your username and a link to reset your password.)  All of your personal and team information remains intact from last year’s Challenge, so once you’ve logged in for the first time this season, you’ll have the chance to make any changes to your profile.

We thank you for getting on a bike, and we hope you challenge a friend to try out bike commuting this September as well.

Wishing you luck in this year’s Challenge and many happy bike commutes,


The Bicycle Transportation Alliance has a mission to create healthy and sustainable communities by making bicycling safe, convenient, and accessible.


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