Winter Weather Brings Longboard Fenders

Down in the shop last night I mounted new SKS Longboard Fenders from Rivendell Bicycle Works on my Atlantis.  The splash off the front wheels has been  the only drawback to riding on wider tires.   Wider tires equals more water pushed up into my legs and shoes.  I researched all manners of solutions and could not bring myself to the bike hack of refashioned water bottles and duct tape.

How much better are these fenders?  My front fenders were about 9″ off the pavement and these are about 2″ off the pavement and slightly wider at the bottom along with being curved forward along the wheel.  Less height means less water splashed onto me.















I am hoping to get one more season out of my Shimano waterproof shoes which let way too much water in for my taste.

AFTER I finished the installation I found that Rivendell had a video explaining how to do it.  I am including the video to remind myself to look and plan first.


They also have a group of pictures on Flickr showing the actual product.


Layering: as easy as 1, 2, or 3

Fall is turning chilly with the temps in the low 40s this morning and going colder tomorrow.  I found this article by Elizabeth on Bike Commuters, written for Chicago to be useful.  Certainly Portland is not as cold as Chicago, but the east Gorge Wind provides subzero chill factors during Winter and so I always know  I can learn from others.

From her post:

I tend to over-think things a lot! This quality of mine can be both good and bad. What I like about fall/winter riding is that dressing for it really is easy – you just need to know the purpose of each layer and best fabric for that task. Aside from those days when I start pondering other gear, layering is really quite easy – and leaves me feeling always prepared.

Winter Cycling & Icebike

I just found the website Icebike and I am reminded that others bike through worse winters than I do.  I think I like the “Why” page the best of all.  In any event, I don’t ride much on the ice, but a lot in the cold and a lot in the rain and after so many years of doing it, I don’t really mind.  I do wish I could keep the bike cleaner with less effort and I am pondering setting up a bike stand outside near a hose to wash off my rims to save them, otherwise I enjoy being out there and find it only takes me a little longer to dress and dry off than during the year.  Outdoors and winter, great fun!