Sync Your Runs & Rides

I am trying tapiriik, an open source project, to automatically synchronize my fitness activities between Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, Strava and more.  Yes, I use Garmin Connect on my main machine which does Garmin and Strava, but I couldn’t resist adding Runkeeper and RideWithGPS.

CopyMySports to Link Garmin Connect and Strava

I want to automatically copy by Garmin Connect information to Strava.  Trying CopyMySports Garmin Connect keeps my actual precise data and because of its method of calculating the information is more accurate than Strava.  The simple explanation is that Strava has to include phones and “non-Garmin” devices and so is slightly different.  But Strava is…… Continue reading CopyMySports to Link Garmin Connect and Strava