EBike Kits

Electric bicycles are fast, efficient and fun! And now you can convert your own bicycle into an electric bicycle with my e-bike kit! This is from the Kickstarter author, NOT me For anyone who is just now stumbling upon this page, because the Kickstarter campaign is over, you will no longer be able to get…… Continue reading EBike Kits

Lego Bicycle

If you imagine riding it, then pictures are not to scale.  From The Brothers Brick Flickr user Vasil Vasil (Silvavasil_LEGO) takes a different approach than Chris did on the subject matter of bicycles. He has created a delicate and extremely elegant road bike where the vivid colours combined with the creative parts usage makes for…… Continue reading Lego Bicycle

Suspend Your Bike From a Wall Using Old Handlebars

This is a great use of an old set of handlebars, Kudos to Kyle Wilson for a no frills/straight forward guide for those of you looking to make your own wall mounted bike hanger but don’t feel like spending a bunch of dough.

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