Replacing a Worn Out Bike Light Mount With Sugru + Magnets

F2P6ECTHRI984BH.MEDIUMI have a worn out Planet Bike LED Bike Light Mount.  It lasted many years and now it simply doesn’t click the lock closed dependably.  Online costs for a new mount seemed too high, appropriate, and yet, functionally, not a direction I wanted to go.  I couldn’t use the bike light as a helmet light while using my much bright Cygolight from my non-commuting bike. 

I am going to try this Instructable How to make bike lights with sugru + magnets and see how it works.

My New Bike Light–CygoLite Metro 300

2013-01-06 09.52.39This Christmas I purchased myself a CygoLite Metro 300, and have just mounted it on my commuter bike for tomorrow morning.  It was a gift to keep myself alive. 

Over the last month or two, as the days get dark and rainy, cars have missed my older, and not too bad, headlight, and it has been dicey at times requiring ninja reflexes to remain intact.

2013-01-06 10.25.24At the same time, the battery collection I have to recycle has grown and clearly there was a more ecological way to go.

And so, I am hoping to find that the USB recharge, the blink but don’t go dark, and simply the 300 Lumens provided by this light result in an efficient and effective upgrade to my commute.  If one care misses me because of this, it was worth it. 

2013-01-06 09.54.10