Track My Tour

I have no idea if this will work, or does work, but if it does, it could make my life this summer a great deal easier on the TransAm Trail. TrackMyTour keeps your friends and family updated on the progress of your bike tour, hike, sailing trip, road trip, vacation, or any other tour. See…… Continue reading Track My Tour

Twin Bridges Bicycle Campground

This just in for those doing the AdventureCycling TransAm route. Located beside the Beaverhead river at the edge of Twin Bridges, this campground appears to be the ideal base of exploration for the many exciting natural treasures in southwestern Montana.  They offer a bicycle friendly campground that is just what you’ve been looking for after…… Continue reading Twin Bridges Bicycle Campground

On the Trans Am trail

Today, the first day we were on the Trans Am (American) trail ( and we saw a total of 12 bikers (23 June), 9 EB and 3 WB. We camped with two from Grass Valley,CA at Ochoco County Park which was extremely nice. We stopped fornany others we could and yelled or waved to th…… Continue reading On the Trans Am trail

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