Colin and Ashley Ride Across America

The following two riders make me want to leave earlier than June, despite a job, and raise awareness and funds for something.  What about you?

Collin Roughton and Ashley Mitchell, two Portland Cyclists setting out on January 2nd, 2010 to travel from Florida to San Diego, and back along the coast to Portand, Oregon.

We’re riding because we love to cycle, and we’re riding for Bike Farm, and the Coalition for a Livable Future, two organizations we support, love, and want to see be successful in their work within the Portland Community.

We’re asking that you, and your organization make a monetary donation to these two organizations. We want to raise $1 for every mile we ride. That totals just around 5, 080 miles, and $5,080 dollars total between these important organizations. Help us reach our goal!

A little can go a long way! Your donation of $5, $10, $25, $35, or $50 towards one or both of these organizations will help us reach our goal. Please visit the ‘our organizations’ page below.

Dixie Mountain

Did this ride Memorial Day, 2009 for the first time.

I tried to input it via which put out a nice map, but was miserable to work with as I was using the free version and not the paid version so every point you edit it scrolls off the screen. So far, that leaves me with Google Maps and that became as time consuming as anything else. So far, 30 minutes wasted and no maps. Great tools out there, but is it any wonder they are robustly used.

Find the Gnomes Ride

From the book Rubber To The Road a web site Rubber to the Road is produced by Dave Guettler. Ride information for this website is compiled and written by Jacob Erker. Rides from the print series by Peter Marsh and Otis Rubottom.

I did the Find the Gnomes ride which has a detailed map at

Megan went with me and we did not see one Gnome AND I missed the left hand turn on Skyline after Germantown Rd and so cut the ride short.