This is just an interesting idea putting wheels parallel rather than in a line.  I wonder how it rides?

The wheel is one of the most basic inventions in history. Fabels thought it was an interesting idea to use the wheel itself as a vehicle. To solve balance-problems two parallel wheels were used. The driver is positioned under the axle, which connects the wheels the driver’s body functions as a counterweight. During acceleration the chair swings slightly forwards. During a breaking maneuver it swings backwards and with extreme braking it can even make several 360-degree loops. Driver and vehicle are one.

The Dicyclet is designed and built together with Maik ter Veer.

There are several copies of the Dicyclet that have been made without consulting the inventors. If you ever encounter one off(sic) these falsifications the author invites you to joyride it.

The Making of a Soulcraft

FROM STEEL: The Making of a Soulcraft from michael evans on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Michael John Evans sets out to visually portray “the zone” which one enters when their craft is honed.

Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft, builds top notch custom steel bicycle frames. This short film documents Sean’s fabrication methods: a well choreographed dance of experience and muscle memory producing a seemingly effortless ode to process.
From Steel: invites the viewer into Sean’s machine shop for an up close and personal look at the work that results in yet another awesome Soulcraft.

Musical score provided by the internationally praised duo, Mattson 2. Courtesy of Galaxia Records.

Directed by: Michael John Evans: www.michaeljohnevans.com

Starring: Sean Walling: www.soulcraftbikes.com

Music by: The Mattson 2: www.mattson2.com